This Is Autism by Henry Frost

Best place for all autistic people, all disabled not disabled people, all families to speak together. Speak together for acceptance, inclusion, communication, and rights for all people. I am thinking when you look closely, this is what autism is.

Don’t Mix Up Empathy and Civil Rights

Many times in the autism community parents of autistic children do not like autistic adults weighing in on situations that have to do with their autistic children. I am an autistic adult and often have parents telling me that I should not judge situations if I have not lived it – the “until-you-walk-a-mile-in-their-shoes” is told to me nearly every week as I post the latest news articles along with my comments on social media.

Advocacy Groups Call for Autistic Teen’s Killers to Be Charged With Hate Crime

How does it make you feel when you hear a story about a mother killing her child? Does hearing that the child had a disability change how you feel? For [...]