Inclusive Education on Ollibean.

Autism and Changing Classroom Strategies

The field of autism is very new – not even 100 years old yet! This means we are constantly learning new things. We now know that what works for most children to learn does not always work for autistic children. In fact, it can be detrimental to their learning. Those of us in the field of autism will likely need to change the way we deliver help to those who seek it and change the way we teach our students.

Transforming Education to Benefit ALL Students

As part of a 5-year, $24.5 million grant awarded by the U.S. DOE , the SWIFT Center was founded to assist districts and their schools to engage in a transformational process, in order to achieve equity and excellence for all students. Research has demonstrated that inclusive education significantly improves academic and behavior outcomes for all children.

Intersection of Law, Education and Civil Rights

As a deaf-blind student with very limited sight and hearing, Haben Girma '13 learned that you must be a self-advocate and come up with creative solutions to the problems you face. If that fails, she says, then the law can be a strong ally.

Neurodiversity IS the Next Civil Rights Movement

"When we talk about inclusion what we're talking about is diversity." Audra Zucherman, co-founder, The IDEAL School .The IDEAL School practices full inclusion while nurturing their students abilities to create real change in the world through compassion and self- empowerment.