Who Cares About Kelsey

Kelsey Carroll lived with homelessness, self-mutilation, abuse and ADHD.  She was a likely high school dropout — until she encountered an education revolution that’s about empowering, not overpowering, teens with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Kelsey’s story, a story of trying to be seen for her potential rather than her past behavior.

Neurodiversity IS the Next Civil Rights Movement

"When we talk about inclusion what we're talking about is diversity." Audra Zucherman, co-founder, The IDEAL School .The IDEAL School practices full inclusion while nurturing their students abilities to create real change in the world through compassion and self- empowerment.

Karen Clay Defines Inclusion for Hillsborough County School Board Member Olson

"I fought for him to remain in the classroom, I fought for him to attend his neighborhood school. I did not have to fight for him to be fully included, because Principal Vince Sussman at Plant High School knew that students with disabilities have value, have worth."