Parents, Are You Listening To Your Child?

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As a non-speaking Autistic, I pay special attention to comments and statements made by parents of other non-speaking Autistics, especially children. Many times I see parents lamenting that they will never listen to their Autistic child say "I love you", or how much they long to hear those words.

Helping the Poor and Disabled

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Will your attitude draw circles of holiday meaningfulness where you include yourself in what already is or will your attitude draw lines that allow you to help those poor and disabled people on the other side?

I Am Disabled and I Am Proud

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‎"Polite society often tells us that we need to take the 'dis' out of disability, but maybe... just maybe, we should spend some time putting it back in. Take the "dis" out of disability and you remove the core of what has shaped my life. Disability puts the "D" in diversity, but in order to make that a real difference we've got to own that spot. It took me 35 years to respect and honor that truth. Others shouldn't have to wait that long..." Lawrence Carter-Long

The Reality Behind Those Walls

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The Judge Rotenberg Center is recruiting disabled students in the Midwest to be legally tortured with electric shocks. Help us stop this inhumane treatment of disabled people.

Much Needed Resource: “We Are Like Your Child”

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"We are like your child. Your child is like us. And we may have difficulties, we are disabled--but there is no denying that we are also awesome."

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