Universal Design and Disability Acceptance

by Amy Sequenzia Universal Design If you are reading this, you probably should know that inclusion of disabled students, with the supports they need, is beneficial to all students. Universal Design is a thing. It means one builds things, and creates products that are accessible to all. It can also [...]

Communication and “Autism Specialists”

by Amy Sequenzia From time to time I find myself writing about typed communication, and how Autistic typists are devalued by "autism specialists". There is a very vocal group of people - the "autism experts" or “autism specialists” - who refuse to accept that we can feel human feelings, that [...]

Epilepsy, And Living Epileptic

Epilepsy I am writing this as, partly, a rant. I don't want pity, and I don't feel sorry for myself. If you think you need to “feel” something, feel anger at the lack of funding on research that can actually save lives, the lack of understanding about what epilepsy [...]

Disability, Dignity and Cost

Disability, Dignity and "Cost" by Amy Sequenzia Warning: I am going to mention "Right to Die With Dignity" legislation, my position, and other non black-and-white issues. I am against legislation that states the "dignity" of a terminally ill person should be a reason for euthanasia. I am not going to [...]

Disability Awareness Bewareness

Amy Sequenzia on Disability Awareness campaigns that silence the very people they claim to advocate for. I Am Aware of You I am aware of you Of your dismissiveness Of your hostility Of your badly disguised contempt   You say you do all that Because it is a much needed First step [...]

Disability, Ableism, and Assumptions

by Amy Sequenzia The title of this article probably isn't about what you think it is. This title refers to a couple of events that made me think about how we should never assume that ableism is something pervasive only in non-disabled circles. I am talking about more than [...]

Holiday Giveaway- ‘The Real Experts’

Ollibean Holiday Giveaway "The Real Experts" The Real Experts : Readings for Parents of Autistic Children edited by Michelle Sutton features essays by Nick Walker, Ally Grace, Emily Paige Ballou, Alyssa Hillary, Cynthia Kim, Kassiane Sibley, Sparrow Rose Jones, Michael Scott Monje Jr., Elizabeth J. Grace, Briannon Lee, Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, and Amy [...]


Bigots don’t have to right to demand “proof” of my competence, especially when they are dismissing my humanity by talking about me, without me. I demand respect.

Disabled Lives and Respect

I thought I wouldn't write about this case . I've been following it and the developments have been a sad reminder that disabled people are, in 2015, still seen, talked about and treated as less than human.   Emily Brooks has been writing about it and her analysis is so comprehensive, [...]

Assumptions and Ableism

I've recently read an article about how some researches are slowly starting to debunk long held assumptions about autism, Autistics, functioning labels, and how the world needs to provide more appropriate education to “all” Autistics. This is a quote from a researcher (Laurent Mottron): "Early childhood interventions should focus on [...]

Privacy, and Parental Behavior

I've written about this before: parents of Autistic children sharing very private information about their kids, sharing moments that show the kids being upset, or having meltdowns.   These parents share everything publicly, using pictures and videos, the children's real names, even if the children are adults.   Some say [...]

On Not Being “Pretty”

My friend Cara wrote this awesome article about being "ugly" disabled. You should click on the link and read it. Go on, I'll wait.   Isn't it great? The article got me thinking.   Like Cara, I also have cerebral palsy. I sometimes use a transport wheelchair because I have [...]

Accommodations – They Make All The Difference

Accommodations are important and they work. I should not be making a big deal about it. The ADA is 25 years old. Sadly, getting the accommodations we, disable people need, is often the opposite of simple.   If you have been reading my posts, you know that I am very [...]

Ableism and Pity. Reject Them, Be Awesome

I have written about how I had to unlearn ableism.   I have written about my uncooperative body.   I always state how generally happy I am, and that I am comfortable being me.   All this is true but frustration shows up, and grows, every time I meet ableism. [...]

Inspired? What Are You Going To Do Now?

You have heard it before. You may have said it.   "You are such an inspiration!" "(Person's name) is so inspiring!"   I have heard it, and I have been the one supposedly “inspiring” people.   And I very much dislike it.   Disabled people are usually the main subject [...]

OLLIBEAN : Acceptance, Love, Self-Care: #AutismPositivity2015

Autism Positivity is coming out of April stronger. Tired A little frustrated Spoonless. But stronger. Autism Positivity is rejecting blue lights, casting a red shadow and obscuring the blue puzzle pieces of hate. We continue our #WalkInRed call to action, we are joined by accepting friends, old and new. As [...]


Synesthesia I am a synesthete. I see colors and movement to music – to all sounds, actually but music makes everything prettier. I also see words, I can feel them. My synesthetic experience has always been beautiful but I never paid extra attention to it. The colors, the movements and [...]

Being Comfortable In My Skin

When I shared my post "Celebrating My Life" one commenter pointed out that “very few people are as comfortable in their skins” as I am. This got me thinking about what makes it possible for me to not only be ok being me, but to be proud of who I [...]

Celebrating My Life

I am writing this prompted by something John Elder Robison (I will refer to him by his initials, JER) wrote about Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month, in particular this quote: “We may have gifts too, but disability remains the basis for diagnosis. Some autistic people are rendered non-speaking by their condition, and [...]

I Don’t Want Your Awareness

I don’t want Autism Awareness. Actually, I fear Autism Awareness because it only makes the world fear, hate and ignore us, one blue light, one puzzle piece at a time.

Uncontainable Presence

You are anywhere You are anytime Daring and enticing Changes unexpectedly predictable The obstinate constant I see your bright presence Piercing my eyes Crawling into my brain The pain comes swiftly And then, the deafening silence My body shakes in your presence Uncontrollable moves A dance of two wills The [...]

Drop, Settle + Train

The Supreme Court has a case that affects all disabled people, and the decision can be very damaging for us. We need to trust the police, and the police must “Connect, Respect, Protect” disabled people as they do with all people, not command, advance, hurt , kill.

Talking to Autism “Advocacy” Organizations

I had the opportunity to speak, as a public comment, during a meeting of the Autism Society, Florida Chapter. It applies mostly to the National leadership because I think it is past time for some things to change. What I said might not have pleased everyone, and it might have [...]


Reginald "Neli" Latson was an 18 year-old Autistic high school student, a good student, a wrestler, when he was arrested while waiting for the library he often visited to open.   He was, as teen fashion dictates, wearing a hoodie. He is black, and as bigotry, discrimination and ignorance dictate, [...]

Why I Don’t Like “Awareness”

Awareness campaigns of disabilities are only effective if they are planned and run primarily by the groups that are the subjects of the campaign. This is because such campaigns are not “awareness”, but “acceptance” campaigns. We welcome support, with focus on respect, equality and access. We don’t need “awareness” of deficits and tragic rhetoric.

Attitudes – Information and Education

This is especially directed at parents, family members and all who spend a lot of time with disabled children. It also applies to adults, even if the way things happen when an adult is diagnosed or needs supports are different from how they happen with children. But we, disabled adults, [...]

Attitudes – Grading People

Parents and family of disabled people should start demanding that everyone who is part of their children lives stops using functioning labels. We don’t need to be graded. We already have value.

Attitudes – Communication

Communication is not only speaking, typing, texting or signing. Communication is also being able to listen and understand, being accommodated to make interaction possible.

Attitudes – Introduction

When you are disabled there is a lot going against you. Not that disability is the worst thing someone can experience. It is not. Disability can be hard and some things can be very difficult to deal with. Some of us need medication and managing this can be difficult; some [...]

I Don’t Want Your “Protection”

If you believe FC is a form of abuse and that my typed words are not mine, back off. If you believe all FC users are super-awesome and angelic, you are wrong too. I don’t want anyone’s “protection”.

@sesameworkshop This Autistic Wants to Say

Today we #EducateSesame and ask Sesame Workshop to listen to Autistics, to respond to our concerns and to end their partnership with Autism Speaks.

Autistic Pride

I am proud of being Autistic And of my Autistic friends I am proud of young Autistics Who have Autistic pride They amaze me I am proud of young Autistics Who are discovering themselves They are learning to understand the world Through creative Autistic eyes They make me smile Young [...]