Image description: Who Cares About Kelsey DVD Cover. Photograph of light skinned girl with brown hair wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans, leaning up against a locker, turned to the side face looking to her right. Students in the hall in the background. Text reads Failing grades + ADHD + Self mutilation + Abuse white equal sign with red slash indicating “not equal”. Dropout. Festival Awards listed on left side of screen. "Who Cares About Kelsey? a documentary by Dan Habib. Education Kit.

Ollibean is very proud to partner with Who Cares About Kelsey? and we have a very cool opportunity for our community.

Together, we have  helped  Who Cares About Kelsey?  the film and education project reach a national audience. Every #WCAK tweet , like , pin and email forward  has had an impact. Who Cares About Kelsey?  has been screened more than 150 times in 30 states since its release. Film subject Kelsey Carroll and filmmaker Dan Habib have presented the film to more than 25,000 educators, school administrators, health professionals, policymakers, families, and students. Millions of people around the country have been able to watch the film on public television.

The best part?

More than 80% of attendees indicated that they are more likely to recognize the roles that schools and communities can play in supporting students with EBD.

The amazing folks at #WCaK and the Fledging Foundation have generously offered Ollibean community members a 50% discount on the Who Cares About Kelsey? Education DVD Kit, which contains the film, 11 mini-films and extensive educational materials. Who Cares About Kelsey? documents the lives of students with emotional/behavioral challenges, and shows innovative educational approaches that help these students to succeed – while improving the overall school culture and climate. All films included in the Project are directed by the brilliant Dan Habib (creator of Including Samuel). ( Check out one of the mini-films Thaysa here )

To learn more and to purchase the Kit, go to

To receive your 50% discount, please use the coupon code: Fledgling50. This opportunity is made possible by a grant to the Who Cares About Kelsey? project from the Fledgling Foundation, and will last only until the first 200 discount coupons are utilized.

White rectangle with black text that reads Who cares about Kelsey ? Kelsey is written in red handwritten font.Who cares about Kelsey ?

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