We are very proud to introduce Ollibean Think Tank member, Tim Villegas of Think Inclusive . Tim is a special educator and passionate about inclusion. We are grateful to have him share his experiences with us. You can find Tim @think_inclusive on Twitter,  and on Think Inclusive on FB , and many other places on the interwebs. Welcome, Tim!

Think Inclusive

For nearly a decade, I have worked in the field special education and with people with disabilities (diffabilities). Recently, I have turned my passion for blogging and promoting ideas about inclusive schools and communities into a website. My hope is that ThinkInclusive.us can create a bridge between educators, parents, and advocates (including self-advocates) to promote ideas, innovation and inspiration to change our world to be more accepting and value each and every human being.

My credentials include graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University and completing my teaching studies at Cal State University Fullerton in Moderate/Severe Disabilities.

 I am honored to be a part of what Ollibean is doing…promoting people’s strengths as opposed to focusing on what they can’t do. As a teacher, it is important to me to always be learning and joining the Think Tank seemed like a great way to share ideas and become a better person for it.