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If you’re a parent or mentor of a young person with disabilities, Life After IEPs is for you.

Whether your child is an elementary student or a high school graduate, you’ll find information, resources, and support you’ll need along the way.

A challenging journey

There’s joy on the path to adulthood. But it ain’t always easy. Perseverence, grace, and a good sense of humor are needed. It can be a bumpy road.


  • Supports available during the IEP years will end after high school
  • Unfamiliar laws, systems and jargon lie ahead
  • Resources exist, but they’re scattered in different places and difficult to understand
  • Professionals mean well, but too often families leave meetings confused and overwhelmed

On this site, you’ll find


  • Resources gathered in one place
  • Jargon translated and processes explained
  • Information you need to help your child set priorities, make plans and take action
  • Encouragement, stress relief, and renewed perspective
  • Young adults who have navigated this terrain and are enjoying fulfilling lives