I Am Here To Make A Difference For My People

Tres Whitlock, disability rights advocate, spoke at the Hillsborough County School Board meeting on Tuesday. Hillsborough County Schol Board is the 8th largest school district in the country . Tres is a true leader who is making a difference.

Hi my name is Tres Whitlock. I go to Bloomingdale High School.

I am here to make a difference for my people.

I hope that you listen to what I have to say.

I want people like you to stop judging me.The feeling you are being judged by your appearance is one of the worst feelings a person can ever have.

You start to dislike life.

I want to be a young Moses and make a difference for my people.

I want everyone to stop judging people like me by what we look like.

I want to be in normal classes for my strongest subjects.

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Advocate committed to inclusion & social justice, proud mother of three wonderful humans, and part of the team that started Ollibean.

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