In support of the Living with Autism Workshop that took place today in Detroit, Holly Robinson Peete (actress and co-founder of the HollyRod Foundation) spoke with the Detroit Free Press on issues ranging from Autism awareness to newly passed legislation in Michigan. In the interview, she describes one of her main goals for HollyRod is to eventually create a St. Jude’s like center for autism where children of all socio-economic classes can receive diagnostic services, therapy, and treatments.

As for the conference, participants were brought up to speed on the current “hot topics in autism spectrum disorders” and were given the choice of attending two of the six total lectures taking place today. Unlike most conferences, a large priority was placed on audience interaction with the experts. Given the large amount of variance of what many consider to be autism or how to effectively treat these conditions, I am excited to see how these interactions played out.

For a list of the lectures, click on the “Living with Autism Workshop” link at the beginning of this article.