The Civil Right 's Act of 1964 gave equal rights to all people. I am a person. I want these rights.
Some call him a kid

Others say he is a young man

But whatever you call him

You need to know this:

He is courageous

Brave and resilient

He will fight and he will win


It can be a fight for his rights

When enemies come disguised as condescension

It can be a fight for his dreams

He will mobilize an army of friends

To Stand With Him


He is an example to many

He showed other students the possibilities

Henry does not fight for himself

He is changing perceptions, changing the world


Henry is a leader


When life throws at him a scary challenge

His resolve is the same

We pray, send good thoughts of healing

He uses them to build strength


And as we wonder how he is doing

His battle has already advanced

He is fast, he is healing

“Speedy recovery” needs to catch up!


Is he this fast because he is such a big fan of Nascar?


Henry is the real thing

Kind, determined, wise and witty

Just a feel reasons why we love him


Amy Sequenzia

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