picture of dark clouds text reads STORMStorm


Before the storm the lights are brighter

The noise increases 

The air is heavy


My muscles contract with every lightening

My blood runs fast

My limbs are restless


Inside my body my bones ache

The tension increases

Control starts to fade


Darkness falls 

Heavy water comes down

But I can’t fell it

For my senses are shut


For a while all is silence

The body so heavy 

Fighting is fruitless

So I wait until the storm is over


The buzzing in my head occupying the silence


Slowly the storm leaves

The senses come back

Muscles and bones are functioning again


But the storm left behind debris that need removal

So I stand with resolve 

And start my own recovery


The storm is over

My body is tired

But my brain is already healing 

And I smile again



Copyright 2012 by Amy Sequenzia