The Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education – 07/12/13

This week, Carol Quirk who is the Co-Executive Director for the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education, will return to the podcast. Carol is going to talk, on behalf of the [...]

2013 Top Ten Signs of Special Ed Advocate Burn Out

Subtitle: Why you may need a trip to a COPAA conference to relax. 1. You thought the OSEP’s MOU on NCLB’s AYP came from CDC and was about another STD. [...]

Some special education teachers fear losing jobs

ATLANTA (AP) — Some Atlanta special education teachers say they fear they could lose their jobs if they aren't certified to teach in another subject. Keith Butler helps special education [...]

Law Would Give Parents Final Say About Special Diploma Track

A proposed law moving quickly through the Legislature would give parents of kids receiving special education services the final say about their child’s placement on a special diploma track.

Insight into Inclusion: The Language we Use

How do we help our children or students who are perpetually losing things, often running late and seem completely disorganized? Do we re... Teachers love a great resource! Especially a [...]

School Says, “No Advanced Classes for Kids with IEPs”

My child has a learning disability. Her teachers want her to enroll in advanced classes. She is eligible based on her test scores and school performance. The School will not [...]

Retention is Not a Form of “Specialized Instruction”

The school wanted to retain my son who has an IEP for OT, PT and Speech. They insisted he repeat second grade. I disagreed. Now in third grade, his teachers [...]

What’s the Difference between Reduction in Homework and Shortened Assignments?

By Kori Hamilton and Elizabeth Kessler, professional special educator and NICHCY advisor. Being able to provide ample opportunities for success to all students requires a clear understanding of the needs [...]

A Parent’s Story of Advocacy on The Inclusive Class

Teachers love a great resource! Especially a resource that is free and at their fingertips - literally. That's why I put together a list of... How do we help our [...]

Appropriate Education for Your Child – 02/15/2013

Unfortunately, our guest Howard Glasser, was unavailable for this morning's show! However, Terri and I managed to fill the 30 minutes (it's not hard!) talking about inclusion and education. During [...]

Wright’s Law: Why Schools Usually Say “No!”

My son is going to middle school. Same district, new school, just blocks apart. His 1:1 (same para for 3 years) has been the best thing that has come into [...]

The Inclusive Class: Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities

Nicole and Terri are looking forward to interviewing Dr. Sheldon Horowitz about ways classrooms can support children with learning disabilities.

Q&A: IDEA and child care

This 4-page brief explains the basics of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to child care providers, including early intervention for children under the age of 3 and special [...]

Inclusion in the Middle School Years – 01/04/13

The Inclusive Class Podcast kicks off a new year with a new live show on Friday, January 4, 2013. Listen as Nicole and Terri interview author, Robert Rummel-Hudson. Robert, father [...]

IEP Team Member Apology: A Template for “Not Knowing It All – After All”

Have you just committed a real faux pas but find yourself at a loss for words to apologize? Perhaps you are a celebrity who needs to apologize for disability-related comment… [...]

COPAA Statement on the Newtown Tragedy

The members of Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA) work in schools every day with teachers and on behalf of the 7.1 million children with disabilities in the [...]

What Does Ollibean Mean to You?

Crazy but true, simply wearing an Ollibean tshirt makes bedtime routine happy and fun! Send us a message about why you want one, what Ollibean means to you, and we'll get one to you.

Ollibean: All of a kind

The faces of Ollibean are kids with and without disabilities all trying to make the world a better place.

Longview school suspends use of isolation box

The Longview School District has suspended the use of an isolation box for special education students while it reviews the policy for isolating students who may be a danger to [...]

Evaluating the Efficacy of the LRE

I attended an IEP meeting recently that really brought home for me the complex nuances of determining what placement, or blend of placement options, represents the Least Restrictive Environment (“LRE”) [...]

The Negative Effects of Separating Children with Disabilities

Inclusion: What does the research say? There is a strong research base to support the education of children with disabilities alongside their non-disabled peers. Although separate classes, with lower student [...]

Now, It’s Our Turn!

Tonight, Terri and I had the tables turned on us! It was our turn to be on the "hot seat" when we were featured guests on HuffPost Live. Interviewed by [...]

Adding the I to IEP: H is at the table

We worked with the wonderful team at H’s Distributed Learning School to update his Individual Education Plan (IEP) and for the first time ever H was there to take part. [...]

Open Letter from a Doctoral Student Who Needs Some Help with her Study

Hi, my name is Christina and I am a doctoral candidate at Grand Canyon University. The title of my dissertation is “Examining the Potential of Using Technology to Improve Academic [...]

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities – 11/02/12

Having taught at the primary, secondary and college levels, Dr. Horowitz has also worked as a consultant to school districts throughout the New York City metropolitan region. In addition, he [...]

Listen to The Inclusive Class Roundtable – 10/26

Inclusive Education, as defined and described by education experts, is a philosophy. It is not a program, nor does it happen in is... Parents of school-age children can often become [...]

Special ed in distress A few schools get it right, but complaints and lawsuits are mounting against a troubled program serving 7,000 Seattle students.

Five years ago, a high-profile report found that Seattle's public-school district was decades behind the rest of the country in serving students with disabilities. Today, the problems are even worse. [...]

Why Won’t the School Provide Homebound Instruction?

My child’s doctor recommended homebound instruction. The school said they had the authority to override that recommendation. Why won’t the school provide homebound services? Issues of homebound are determined in [...]

AAPC Publishing Releases Lesson Plan a la Carte: Integrated Planning for Students With Special Needs

Integrate learning objectives with therapeutic supports and necessary modifications right in the classroom. Multiple worlds exist within the educational universe. Integrated planning happens when each of these worlds (teaching, clinical, [...]

A Sensory Garden for Zoë and Oliver

One of Ollibean's contributors, the lovely and amazing, Julie Lohoefener of Bloom Garden Shop, let's us in on some great tips on creating a non-toxic Sensory Garden with your kids.

USC’s Special Ed Infographic

Welcome to Making Special Education Actually Work, the official blog of KPS4Parents. We sincerely hope that this blog proves to enlighten and empower all responsible adults to ensure that all [...]

Another School year !!

Another school year begins August the 16th for us. My son is a young 1st grader , he will be 6 on August 23rd . But will still be five [...]