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What is Ollibean?

Ollibean is a dynamic community of parents, families and advocates

working together for a more socially just, accessible and inclusive world.

You can read more here or on our FAQ page here.

How do I get started on Ollibean?

The easiest way it to sign up for a free account  .

How Do I Log On to Ollibean via Facebook?
If you’re already a Facebook user, just click on the Login with Facebook button at the top of the Ollibean sign-in screen and boom you are in.




What if I want to be an Ollibean contributor/blogger ?

Awesome! Send us a sample of what you’ve written or a link to your site and we’ll go from there.

What if I want to add a resource to Ollibean?

Send us the link to subject “resource”.




How Do I Share Content?

Just click on the icon above the content and send to FB, Twitter, or Tumblr any time.

How Do I Email Content?

You can email content to anyone at any time, simply choose the mail icon above whatever content you wish to share.

How Do I Connect with Ollibean on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube?






What if I see some inappropriate or offensive comments or spam on forums or posts?

We will be monitoring but please let us know if you see something that is not right for Ollibean.

If you don’t find the answers you are looking for within the FAQ, then be sure to email us at

How Do I Contact Ollibean?

Just send us an email at