Well, let’s stop them. Call out that guy who parks his BMW diagonally across the one accessible parking space in front of Starbucks, leaves it running as he dashes in to get his post- workout double shot skinny latte. Same for the woman, who, in the pouring rain pulls her ginormous SUV across two accessible parking spots at the pre-school so she doesn’t get her tennis outfit wet as she drops her kids off for the day ? (yeah, these are actual people, scary, right?) Do more than say something, because, honestly, they probably don’t “get it” or they wouldn’t do it in the first place. You can report them and if they do not have a permit, they’ll get a ticket and a portion of the ticket goes to your favorite charity!!!I love this app!

Parking Mobility is a community-based non-profit, bringing people together to address disabled parking abuse. It’s a free app, on itunes, and it just may ward off any accessible parking violators, because since I downloaded it about two months ago, I haven’t seen one person take a space that wasn’t meant for them. And I have been on patrol. Really. I can’t wait to make my first arrest, I mean, report someone.

You can learn more about it at www.parkingmobility.com