Image description: a light yellow square with an orange border, inside which is a hand drawn picture of an adult/parent and child who both have short brown hair. The adults back is facing the observer, and the child has their chin resting on the adults shoulder, with their arms around the adult in an embrace. The childs eyes are closed and they have a relaxed/content expression on their face. The adult is wearing an orange shirt, the child has a green shirt. To the right of the child is an orange heart. At the top right of the picture are the handwritten words "Respectfully Connected".

Respectfully Connected: Journeys in Parenting and Neurodivergence is a group blogging project celebrating neurodiversity in families.

Blue rectangle with "Ollibean Loves" written over blue and green flags

Authors of this blog come from a wide range of backgrounds and between them have an enormous amount of parenting experience. They all share a desire to parent in a way that both models and facilitates respect and connection, and that values all kinds of diversity. The authors of this blog also share the experience of being part of neurodivergent families.

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