We are obsessed with these ballet slippers from Linge Shoes. We have so many ballet slippers, but always searching for the perfect, more authentic looking pair. The delicate balance between too much construction and a ballet slipper only meant to be worn inside is hard to achieve. But Linge Shoes has done it. They have created a ballet flat with the lines of  a traditional ballet slipper meant to be worn outside.

Linge Shoes Red Ballet Slippers
Mathew Nemeth / Courtesy of Linge Shoes

We love everything about them, they’re adorable, comfortable, adjustable ( the strap can be worn inside or outside, the elastic tie can be adjusted to fit exactly how you like it), and you can fold them for traveling. And they’re $59.  Yep, it’s love.

We get the skinny from designer/entrepreneur Whitney Evans about her exquisite shoes- perfect for moms and daughters alike. The flexible shape also makes these ballet slippers perfect for all feet. Many of our friends who use wheelchairs or have other special needs complain about how difficult it is to find beautiful shoes that fit right. Linge Shoes manages to do both.

Hi Whitney, your ballet slippers are so perfect. How did you get involved in design/the shoe business?

I used to be a track and field athlete and I would travel ALOT!  It was always a struggle to find comfy footwear that doesn’t take up too much room in a suitcase filled with athletic gear.  I started wearing traditional ballet shoes but they were only manufactured in Black, White and Nude colors. I decided that if i wanted colored ones enough to make them myself that other women would love them too!

When my daughters were younger they wore their ballet slippers everywhere, understandably, they don’t hold up as well on the street. Do you have plans for a children’s line?

I 100% plan on introducing a children’s line.  Hopefully in early 2013.  I actually think that children’s sizes will be adorable but wanted to focus on one target market at a time!

Linge Shoes is based in Seattle. We spent some time at Children’s Hospital a couple years ago for my son’s foot surgery. We really fell in love with the city and the people.

I have lived in Seattle for the past 4 years though I grew up in Calgary Canada.  I love this city and its people and am pretty certain I am never going anywhere!

I ordered the nude and the black ( about an hour ago) and pretty sure I will order the fuschia or red by day’s end tomorrow. All of your colors are so beautiful. Do you have favorite ?

My personal favorite is the charcoal! It goes with absolutely everything. The overall favorite so far has been the red.  We plan on adding additional colors each season, in fact I just placed an order for 4 new colors today.

Part of many of our interviews on Ollibean are about people that are out there doing, doing what they want to do,  just making it happen. We love having everyone’s different answers to the same questions.  Here are Whitney’s answers:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I’ve been lucky to have an amazing family and some incredible opportunities through track and field.  I’ve learned over the past few years that happiness for me is keeping my family and friends close and enjoying wherever I am in life at this moment.  There will always be something to strive for but I try to focus on being happy along the way!

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Growing up in a country where health care is universal and moving to the US where it is definitely not, I have to say that the stress of not having health insurance is bad for society and especially for parents.  If I could change anything about this country or the world at large it would be to spend less on military/defense and more on a universal health care system.

Who are your heroes?

My parents.  They are both entrepreneurs and have always encouraged me to follow my dreams.  Having a support system that instills a belief that you can accomplish whatever you work towards without fear of failing is invaluable.

What do you value most in your friends?

 Being away from my family I rely on my friends as my support system.  I am fortunate to have some pretty incredible friends in Seattle who have been my biggest supporters throughout the process of starting Linge Shoes.

It was so great to talk to you Whitney, we look forward to exciting things with you and Linge Shoes!