This is for every mother

Not only the biological mothers

Not only the adoptive mothers


This is for every person who embodies the meaning of motherhood


This is for the ones who nurture and protect

and who never consider their lives more important than the lives of the ones being nourished, educated, protected and loved.


I know someone like this


She could have been my mother

She is a friend who came to my life when I was a teenager


She saw me as I am

She presumed my competence


She allowed me to be myself

She heard my voice, she listened


We grew together, we grow everyday

We discover, learn and conquer


She will not hesitate to put her life on hold

So I can have the life I dream of


She will stop everything, pick up fights and make the world pay attention

So I can type my words and reveal my voice


She allows me to make my own mistakes

But she is always there, supporting me as I try to fix them


My friend is pure motherly love

She allowed me to choose her as my mother and sister, friend and ally


This is for her

And all the others

Who are not mothers


But they are


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