Michael Buckholtz

Autistic multi-platinum Record Producer and author, Michael Buckholtz, founded AACF, Inc. in November 2008. AACF is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit national public charity. Michael talks about discrimination and how he handles it in this video for AUTube.tv.

“I have not experienced discrimination because of my diagnosis of Asperger’s, but my obvious ethnicity continues to challenge the kindness of others. This unique perspective of how I see the world largely based on of the environment I grew up in, makes me hyper empathetic to ANYONE whose civil rights are trampled on because of the hate or ignorance of another human being. That empathy can easily be transferred to the entire Autistic community.How I handle being discriminated against can be attributed to the environment of brotherly love and tolerance I grew up in. It wasn’t about NOT seeing the differences in others. It was about embracing those unique qualities as variety. It was simply about being kind to another human being.”

“I just want to leave a legacy of music, kindness and compassion for all types of people. I love people — not in a “customer service” kind of way. I’m deeply fascinated by how we are made. Human beings are amazing and are capable of so much that is positive and wonderful and I’d like to see us one day tap into that awesomeness. I’m an autistic person and hope that just being the person I am will be enough of a legacy for the cause.”