Ido in AutismlandWe love Ido in Autismland. Check it out here.

Here is a description of Ido’s blog : “I am an autistic guy with a message. I spent the first half of my life completely trapped in silence. The second – on becoming a free soul. I had to fight to get an education. Now I am a regular education student. I communicate by typing on an iPad or a letter board. My book, “Ido in Autismland” is now available on Amazon. It is an autism diary, telling the story of my symptoms, education, and journey into communication. I hope to help other autistic people find a way out of their silence too.”

You can check out Ido’s videos and book too.

Ido writes eloquently about his experience with autism. “From My Speech, “Imagine Having Autism” is incredible. He is changing the conversation about autism as only an autistic person can.

When asked if he thinks other people, other non-verbal autistic kids and people can learn to type like him ? He types “It is internal traps not cognitive delay”.