My life is in constant motion
So different from a few years ago
Back then I could not easily climb
The wobbly ladders put in front of me
I would rise and immediately fall

Today I fall, I fall and I rise again

The wobbly ladder still there
I found my way around it
I see words guiding my way
I find hands that support my journey
No longer I rise and fall

I fall and I rise again

My life like the ladder
Not always in firm ground
But friends won’t let me down
They will reach out and help me rise
No longer I rise and fall

I fall and I rise again

Once I’m up on my feet
I can extend a helping hand
To friends who climb the ladder
Seeking the ones who have risen
They will not rise and fall

They will fall and they will rise again

Copyright 2013 by Amy Sequenzia

Image description black and white photograph of woman with short dark brown hair. She is smiling. Dark grey text reads:Amy Sequenzia Passionate Autistic activist, writer, and poet . Read more from Amy on Ollibean and visit .
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“My name is Amy and I am autistic. Some of you know me or have read my articles.
I was invited to present at this year’s AutCom Conference. I travel with a support person and the trip gets a little expensive.
I want to be able to go to AutCom and present because it is important that we, autistics, are heard when the conversation is about autism. As a non-speaking activist, I want to show that we all have a lot to share.
So, I am counting on my friends, in real life and on the Internet, to help me get there. You can donate, you can share with your friends or you can do both! The donation is tax deductible. And, if we are not yet friends, we soon will be!
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