remember sandy


Remember, honor and celebrate the children and teachers who lost their lives.

We read about the 26 Acts of Kindness and loved the idea of each of us doing something good in memory of the students and teachers. After reading about each of the victims, we were struck by what special people they were- from the children just starting their lives, living with such hope and love for life, to the dedicated, heroic teachers, principal, and psychologist who exemplified selflessness and character protecting their students. We wanted to do something that would specifically honor some of the passions and characteristics the victims families described. We couldn’t include everything in one graphic, but tried our best to capture a bit about each person. We wrote more about each person and the memorials and funds established in their names on the site. They really were such beautiful people, our hearts are with each family as they cope with this terrible, terrible loss.


Our Christmas wish is that each of us can put some good into the world to remember these angels who were taken far too early.