The Autism Cares Foundation (ACF) was founded by the parents of a child with autism and other concerned parents, professionals and friends. The foundation was started as a means of helping others through the “puzzle” that is autism. At virtually every level, there are “twists and turns” in one’s attempt to reach the answers that many parents are seeking. As the founders discovered with their own child, answers are few, frustrations are many, and there are few places to turn to for answers.

It is the intention of the Autism Cares Foundation to assist in “unwinding” the twists and turns associated with navigating the system surrounding autism. The Autism cares Foundation differentiates itself from other organizations raising funds for autism, as our funds will provide direct benefit to the children and young adults afflicted with autism, helping to improve their life experiences today.

The Autism Cares Foundation is Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation and a 501C3 charity.