Barb writes with a sharp-witted, R-rated, take-no-prisoners eloquence. She is brutally honest in her description of her life. No topic is off limits. For anyone who has ever felt marginalized, didn’t “fit in,” or felt judged, criticized, rejected or misunderstood, this book will resonate. I Might Be You  is about how we are more alike than not.

Barb typed, “Being heard may be as close to helping to cure all that ails ya as one prescription gets.” I agree. As a psychologist, I get a daily front row seat to this truth. What I find most remarkable about Barb is not her spectacular growing wisdom, wit, or even her gifted powers of perception. It’s her patience that I think is unparalleled. This book literally took her over 10 years to write, one disappointment, milestone, and letter at a time. No one book or person has taught me more. Barb is my favorite author and teacher.

I asked Barb and Lois Prislovsky, Barb’s therapist and co-author, to give me their thoughts on the making of the audiobook. Lois wrote:

via Ariane Zurcher: Non-Speaking Autistic Woman Writes Book.