Doll Diversity Isn’t Just Child’s Play – Dolls with Disabilities

As a little girl, I had a doll collection that took over nearly every inch of toy storage space in my room. I loved them all, especially my two most prized dolls - a My Twinn Doll and a My American Girl Doll, both made to look "just like me." [...]

Pro Infirmis Mannequins Video Shows Bodily Diversity is Beautiful

A trip to the mall bombards me with unattainable ideals of “perfection” everywhere I turn. Mannequins of one standard body shape and size taunt me in each store I enter, all of them wearing clothing that won’t look anything on me like it does on them. Their plastic bodies are [...]

The Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education – 07/12/13

This week, Carol Quirk who is the Co-Executive Director for the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education, will return to the podcast. Carol is going to talk, on behalf of the MCIE, about ways in which we can support inclusive education. The Maryland Co

2013 Top Ten Signs of Special Ed Advocate Burn Out

Subtitle: Why you may need a trip to a COPAA conference to relax. 1. You thought the OSEP’s MOU on NCLB’s AYP came from CDC and was about another STD. 2. You are were actually able to follow #1. 3. You asked the Advocate Committee to research OCR guidanc

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability

Great resource promoting increased participation in physical activity among people of all abilities.

Helpful On-Line Resources for Creating Inclusive Schools

How do we help our children or students who are perpetually losing things, often running late and seem completely disorganized? Do we re... Teachers love a great resource! Especially a resource that is free and at their fingertips - literally. That's why

Some special education teachers fear losing jobs

ATLANTA (AP) — Some Atlanta special education teachers say they fear they could lose their jobs if they aren't certified to teach in another subject. Keith Butler helps special education students with math in an Atlanta high school. He said teachers are

Law Would Give Parents Final Say About Special Diploma Track

A proposed law moving quickly through the Legislature would give parents of kids receiving special education services the final say about their child’s placement on a special diploma track.

Insight into Inclusion: The Language we Use

How do we help our children or students who are perpetually losing things, often running late and seem completely disorganized? Do we re... Teachers love a great resource! Especially a resource that is free and at their fingertips - literally. That's why

School Says, “No Advanced Classes for Kids with IEPs”

My child has a learning disability. Her teachers want her to enroll in advanced classes. She is eligible based on her test scores and school performance. The School will not let her enroll her because she has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). What

How to talk to a hearing impaired person? Don’t shout

First rule: Look at the hearing-impaired person when you speak.

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Need for culturally sensitive treatment for deaf patients with psychiatric disorders

Members of the Deaf community who have mental health problems need culturally sensitive treatment to avoid misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment, according to a report in the March Journal of Psychiatric Practice. The journal is published by Li

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Retention is Not a Form of “Specialized Instruction”

The school wanted to retain my son who has an IEP for OT, PT and Speech. They insisted he repeat second grade. I disagreed. Now in third grade, his teachers want to send him back to second grade. They say his writing is not on par with a “normal” third [...]

What’s the Difference between Reduction in Homework and Shortened Assignments?

By Kori Hamilton and Elizabeth Kessler, professional special educator and NICHCY advisor. Being able to provide ample opportunities for success to all students requires a clear understanding of the needs of each individual student. Every student has a unique learning style, and some students require more help than others. Students [...]

‘Switched at Birth’ Goes Silent to Make a Point

"Until hearing people walk a day in our shoes, they will never understand," says a guidance counselor a high school for deaf students in "Switched at Birth."

Home Modifications

Not all people begin life with disabilities, but most of us will need some kind of assistance as we experience the normal process of aging. Living at home within a community increases self-esteem, which can improve mental and physical health. Another rea

Appropriate Education for Your Child – 02/15/2013

Unfortunately, our guest Howard Glasser, was unavailable for this morning's show! However, Terri and I managed to fill the 30 minutes (it's not hard!) talking about inclusion and education. During our show, we talked about finding appropriate education f

Wright’s Law: Why Schools Usually Say “No!”

My son is going to middle school. Same district, new school, just blocks apart. His 1:1 (same para for 3 years) has been the best thing that has come into his life ever. We want his para to follow him to middle school. The Special Education Director says

The iPad and More: Help Children Improve Communication, Cognition, Literacy and Learning

Blog on the topic of assistive technology, eLearning, mind mapping, project management, visual learning, collaborative tools, and educational technology · 1st 10 registrants receive free copy of Joan’s book- The Ultimate Guide to Assistive Technology in

US DOE “Access to Sports for Students with Disabilities Is a Civil Right”

U.S. Education Department is telling schools they must include students with disabilities in sports programs or provide equal alternative options.

The Inclusive Class: Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities

Nicole and Terri are looking forward to interviewing Dr. Sheldon Horowitz about ways classrooms can support children with learning disabilities.

Q&A: IDEA and child care

This 4-page brief explains the basics of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to child care providers, including early intervention for children under the age of 3 and special education and related services for school-aged children. It

Inclusion in the Middle School Years – 01/04/13

The Inclusive Class Podcast kicks off a new year with a new live show on Friday, January 4, 2013. Listen as Nicole and Terri interview author, Robert Rummel-Hudson. Robert, father to a daughter with special needs, will help us explore issues around inclu

IEP Team Member Apology: A Template for “Not Knowing It All – After All”

Have you just committed a real faux pas but find yourself at a loss for words to apologize? Perhaps you are a celebrity who needs to apologize for disability-related comment… A teacher who needs to apologize for outrageous classroom mistreatment… Or, a p

Crowdsourcing Site Compiles New Sign Language for Math and Science

A multimedia feature published earlier in December in the New York Times, "Pushing Science's Limits in Sign Language Lexicon," outlines efforts in the United States and Europe to develop sign language versions of specialized terms used in science, techno

Letter from National Council on Disability (NCD) to the President Following Newtown Tragedy

December 20, 2012 The President The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President: On behalf of the National Council on Disability (NCD), an independent federal agency, and in response to your recent national call to act

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COPAA Statement on the Newtown Tragedy

The members of Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA) work in schools every day with teachers and on behalf of the 7.1 million children with disabilities in the United States. Because of our work, we feel intense, personal pain over the

FCC Honors Designers of Communications Technology Benefiting People with Disabilities



An Ethnographic Investigation of African American Mothers’ Perceptions of Augmentative and Alternative Communication

The purpose of this study was to investigate fourteen African American mothers' perceptions of the utilization of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) by their children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The authors used ethnographic metho

‘Smartpen’ Pilot Program Helps Students with Disabilities

We often get questions about the legality of using a recording device or pen in class. Parents ask this question when schools tell them “recording devices violate the confidentiality” of other students in the classroom. Digital recorders or recording pen

Crowdsourcing site compiles new sign language for math and science

IMAGE: This is an ASL-STEM Forum screen shot, with former research team member Anna Cavender. A multimedia feature published this week in the New York Times, "Pushing Science's Limits in Sign Language Lexicon," outlines efforts in the United States and E