We are huge fans of Raising Rebel Souls. Heather  is an incredible writer and advocate, and stood firmly with Henry:)

Here’s a bit about Raising Rebel Souls:

Rebel Mommy: I am Rebel Mommy, also known as Heather. I have been given a lot. I am lucky in love. Yes, my hands are full, yes, I drink too much coffee, yes, my dishes are currently piled up and no, I am not a good housewife, but yes, I am a damn good Mother. I was born to do it. I swear to you, my life before my sons, was just me wandering around gathering skills and strength, and I had no reason why, until I had every reason in the world. I am an artist, I am a teacher, I am was a traveler, I am a writer, but I wasn’t enough. I needed something forceful, like a tornado, to set me on the right path, and the Universe saw fit to give me two. Yeah, it took two tornadoes to settle my Soul, that’s a good description of me. My sons brought me clarity, and focus, which mixed in with my other traits could be dangerous someday. But, right now, I have the opportunity to spend my days with the most interesting people in the world, and that is my choice. I home school the boys, and they school me too. I carry a camera at all times (which does make doing dishes hard) to record our life, because life is all the sudden fascinating and precious and moving all too fast. I am firm and loving, free and anchored, dynamic and natural, and I am the only one balanced enough to steady the three I am about to tell you about.