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We have no idea what someone is capable of learning unless information is presented in a way that is accessible to them and they have a reliable means to communicate their understanding. Teach them everything.
Lauri Swann Hunt
Children know through our words and actions what our expectations of them are whether they are disabled or not. Believe in your child.
Tonya Whitlock
Our number one issue is still old attitudes towards us, and those old attitudes see us as helpless and unable and disability can make you very strong and very able.
Ed Roberts
Inclusion means living in a society that embraces the diversity of human beings. It means inclusion is a way of life and manifests itself in every aspect of our culture, from the schools and education, to the work place and everything in between… It means paradise!
Ariane Zurcher
Inclusion is about making everything in the community accessible to everyone, disability or no. This means our schools, public buildings, transportation, sidewalks, playgrounds, etc… The environment in its entirety.
Renee Salas
Equal access, level playing field, dignity, respect for my son and all his community. No separate classrooms separate doors or isolation from others.
Kerima Cevik
There is nothing soft about the bigotry of low expectations.
Henry Frost
Actually, disability is not something one overcomes. Stories that claim successful people with disabilities overcame their disabilities mislead the public. The barriers exist not in the person, but in the physical, social, and digital environment. People with disabilities and their communities succeed when the community decides to dismantle digital, attitudinal, and physical barriers. My success at school, in the office, and even on the dance floor were facilitated by communities that chose to practice inclusion.
Haben Girma

All children should grow up feeling loved accepted and whole. Not just at home, but in their schools and communities.

High expectations and access to rich academic content benefits each and every child.Over 30 years of research shows that ALL students do better in inclusive educational settings – both socially and academically.

Inclusion Is a Way of Life

join Ollibean celebrating & supporting human diversity

Inclusion: The Right Thing for All Students – WNYC

We have reached the tipping point where it is no longer educationally or morally defensible to continue to segregate students with disabilities. We shouldn’t be striving to educate children in the least restrictive environment but rather in the most inclusive one.

Putting Education First by That Crazy Crippled Chick

"First, we must ensure that all children, including and especially those with disabilities, receive a quality education. Inclusion means nothing if a child is not receiving a good education, which is, in fact, the very reason we have schools in the first place. " Cara Liebowitz

Judith Heumann: Changing the System

Her activism is clearly rooted in a strong sense of justice. Early on she learned that if she wanted to be part of society she was going to

11 Year Old Jacob On The Right Thing To DO

I said a long time ago that I would not only be an real student In a school that supports me but also a self advocate for those lost in segregated settings echoing the dreaded lives of people in the world that are like me without the right supports.

5 Ways to Elicit Language from PrAACtical AAC

PrAACtical Suggestions: 5 Ways to Elicit Language Without Asking a Direct Question SLPs love to talk, of course, but sometimes that works against us. Over-prompting. Jumping in to

  • A dark blue outline of a person with no distinguishable facial features curled up with arms resting on bent knees. Figure is surrounded by text that reads: "Am I okay? Am I really that different? Sometime I struggle. Do others struggle? Weaknesses? Strengths? Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. What makes me different? Are there others like me? I want to be me, and find what works for me. I am unique, and that is okay. I may have different needs, but I am not a burden."

Welcome to the Autistic Community

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and the Autism Now Center have created "Welcome to the Autistic Community! " It is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about autism.

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Inclusion  Is A Way Of Life

celebrating & supporting human diversity


"inclusion it's everybody's classroom " Ollibean


respect my neurology


Photograph of 3 teenagers Text reads "We are not heroes"


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