Judith Snow

Judith Snow, MA is a social innovator and an advocate for Inclusion – communities that welcome the participation of a wide diversity of people. Inclusion is an opportunity for EVERYONE!

The Power of Presuming Competence

"Thasya", a mini film by Dan Habib, highlights the power of presuming competence, differentiated instruction and augmentative and alternative communication. Inclusion works.

Thank You, Ed Roberts

"And we’re going to develop leadership, that has a fundamental difference and that is, it's inclusive . It believes in people, and in our strengths together . And we are going to change our society. " Ed Roberts

Resources we love!

Aid for Autistic Children Foundation

Aid for Autistic Children Foundation, Inc.™ mission: Reduce the financial burden on poverty stricken and disenfranchised families and caretakers coping

New Voices Foundation

New Voices is a short-term, intensive, individualized educational program for elementary-aged children with physical and communicative disabilities. Inclusion in all

The Loud Hands Project

Love this video published by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Share it, Post it, Donate at http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Loud-Hands-Project?a=351448 so they will make more:)

UNH Institute on Disability

The Institute on Disability/UCED (IOD) at the University of New Hampshire was established in 1987 to provide a coherent university-based

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