You are not wrong.

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Know you are not a burden or trouble for being. You are a person who has every right to be. A family that is saying love but saying you are so hard so wrong for not being as they wanted. The family is wrong. Not You. A school segregating is wrong. Not You.There are many if the disability community that are here for you.

Inclusion, Communication and Civil Rights

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"Learning is easy when the teacher knows you can learn. " Henry Frost

ASAN President Ari Ne’eman on the DOE’s New Stance on Bullying Prevention

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Comments from Autistic Self-Advocacy Network President Ari Ne’eman, delivered on

I Am Disabled and I Am Proud

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‎"Polite society often tells us that we need to take the 'dis' out of disability, but maybe... just maybe, we should spend some time putting it back in. Take the "dis" out of disability and you remove the core of what has shaped my life. Disability puts the "D" in diversity, but in order to make that a real difference we've got to own that spot. It took me 35 years to respect and honor that truth. Others shouldn't have to wait that long..." Lawrence Carter-Long

Don’t Call Me Inspirational

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"Disability is not something terrible that needs to be fixed, cured, or made to go away forever. It is a natural part of reality. We ask for acceptance as equal members of society." From the PSA "Your Daily Dosage of Inspiration" by Cheryl Green and Caitlin Wood.

Dr. Caroline Musselwhite Shares Strategies to Promote Literacy for ALL

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Dr. Caroline Musselwhite addresses the topic of overall good literacy

From “Severe and Low Functioning” to “Kind of a Big Deal”

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Some people consider it so abhorrent to entertain the possibility

My Sisters. My Allies.

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My sisters are good allies. Not just the ally because I am their brother. .Allies knowing all people have the right to inclusion,communication, and civil rights. Knowing not necessary to earn these rights. These are rights for every person.

Closed Captioning Helps All Students

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"Not only were students talking about how much having the

I Care By

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If you care, you act. Do something positive to help a young person with emotional challenges.

Open Letter To Jon Stewart

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When I met Jon Stewart I was very disappointed by his lack of knowledge and sensitivity toward autism. During a recent interview, while still a bit condescending, his views seem to have evolved. This is my open letter to him.

Don’t Mix Up Empathy and Civil Rights

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Many times in the autism community parents of autistic children do not like autistic adults weighing in on situations that have to do with their autistic children. I am an autistic adult and often have parents telling me that I should not judge situations if I have not lived it – the “until-you-walk-a-mile-in-their-shoes” is told to me nearly every week as I post the latest news articles along with my comments on social media.

Don’t Define Me By My Deficits

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My advice for younger autistics and for those who love and support them would be to look at who you ARE as a human being.

Putting Education First by That Crazy Crippled Chick

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"First, we must ensure that all children, including and especially those with disabilities, receive a quality education. Inclusion means nothing if a child is not receiving a good education, which is, in fact, the very reason we have schools in the first place. " Cara Liebowitz

How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect People With Disabilities?

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The Thinking Person's Guide To Autism interviews Ari Ne'eman of The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network about specific advantages, opportunities, and sticking points of the Affordable Care Act for People with Disabilities

Disability Activist Keith Jones on Community

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"So let us remember that when we teach, when we educate, we make policy, we make decisions that we do it with a conscience and that we remember that we are leaving fingerprints on forever." Keith Jones

Who Cares About Kelsey

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Kelsey Carroll lived with homelessness, self-mutilation, abuse and ADHD.  She was a likely high school dropout — until she encountered an education revolution that’s about empowering, not overpowering, teens with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Kelsey’s story, a story of trying to be seen for her potential rather than her past behavior.

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