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We are so excited that you’re joining us in promoting Literacy for All!

Research shows that captioned media increases literacy skills in people of all ages. Simply having the captions on for dramatically improves vocabulary, word recognition, comprehension, and reading .

Incidental exposure to  high frequency words in captioned media enhances  acquisition, intentionally teaching those 250 words with our flashcards builds an even stronger foundation.

Using the flashcards and closed captions, parents and care providers without education backgrounds can easily boost literacy skills for children and adults with and without disabilities.

There are a million ways to use flashcards – teach vocabulary, build sentences, match simple to complex definitions, label items in your house, use them in visual schedules, begin a communication board, the possibilities are infinite and really exciting.

We hope you enjoy our free Ollibean Literacy Lifehacks printable flashcard files, please note that they are for non-commercial use only. Print as them as many times as you like, and we are thrilled for you to share our downloads, but please link directly to this page and do not host the files on your websites or blogs without our permission. All artwork remains copyright of Ollibean and any redistribution or resale of the original file or of the printed results, including altering or copying of the contents for any other commercial use, is strictly prohibited without our permission.

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