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This Is Autism by Amy Sequenzia


Today we are flashblogging to counter Autism Speaks’ wrong view of autism. We are showing what autism really is. We speak for ourselves, even if Autism Speaks refuses to listen. The rest of the world will.

Amy Sequenzia: Does it matter?


Should it matter that some of us are labeled intellectually disabled? Read the definitions, look at us in a realistic way and ask yourself; Does it matter? Aren’t we all worthy?

Amy Sequenzia: I Need to Thank Some People


After “Non-speaking, ‘low-functioning’” was published, lots of people wanted to hear from me. I met so many amazing people, autistic bloggers with so much to share and the smartest people I know. Parents of autistic children also valued my words.

Amy Sequenzia: Henry’s Victory


Autistic self advocate and poet, Amy Sequenzia's thoughts on the outcome of young self- advocate, Henry Frost's battle for inclusion in Hillsborough County.

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