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Parents, Are You Listening To Your Child?

As a non-speaking Autistic, I pay special attention to comments and statements made by parents of other non-speaking Autistics, especially children. Many times I see parents lamenting that they will never listen to their Autistic child say "I love you", or how much they long to hear those words.

The Impact of 250 Words on Literacy

Ollibean Literacy Lifehacks : Tools for parents and care providers without education backgrounds to easily provide literacy instruction. Sign up for our free Flashcards of the 250 Words that represent over two-thirds of captioned television.

Parents – Acceptance Starts at Home

Parents, home is the single most important place for our children to feel accepted. We must embrace ALL of our children with love and acceptance for being exactly who they [...]

Don’t Mix Up Empathy and Civil Rights

Many times in the autism community parents of autistic children do not like autistic adults weighing in on situations that have to do with their autistic children. I am an autistic adult and often have parents telling me that I should not judge situations if I have not lived it – the “until-you-walk-a-mile-in-their-shoes” is told to me nearly every week as I post the latest news articles along with my comments on social media.